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We offer individuals interactive financial education sessions and customized consultation services in a comprehensive format that guide financial, business and lifestyle decisions.
Financial Education Program

Playbook for Success

Our signature financial education program, “Playbook for Success” empowers individuals with relatable classroom content and online educational modules that are relevant to making key financial decisions during their lifetime.
The program pairs in-person sessions to a digital platform enabling participants to stay engaged for long-term learning.

Key Elements

Comprehensive and Engaging Curriculum

Participants learn a wide range of practical financial concepts that can assist them throughout all stages of their lives.

Interactive and Informative

Interaction with facilitators provide real-world situations and role-playing exercises that keep the program interactive and non-intimidating.

Personalized Sessions with Experienced Instructors

Seasoned financial educators, partnered with professional athletes and entertainers deliver impactful, in-person sessions.

Digital Platform

Ongoing education through a customized digital platform allows participants to keep utilizing a variety of modules and financial tools.

Metrics, Analysis and Tracking

Customized reports are provided to clients demonstrating knowledge gains, tracking platform visits, analyzing popular modules and more.

Consulting Services

Edyoucore offers three unique services to equip individuals with the knowledge and resources that empowers them to better manage their business affairs.


F.E.A.T. (Financial Education Analysis Training) is a unique process created to teach individuals the fundamentals of how relevant business and financial instruments are to operate and perform. A thorough analysis of all information collected is performed and evaluated by a team of certified financial and legal experts. Results from the analysis are then reviewed to discuss the findings, answer all your questions and provide any potential action steps to be taken with members of your advisory team.


CEO of You, Inc. focuses on the importance of vetting, selecting and managing members of your advisory team responsible for various aspects of an athlete or entertainer’s business affairs. Edyoucore works with individuals, families and trusted confidants providing guidance during the selection process or restructuring phase of their advisory teams.

While the primary role of athletes and entertainers is to focus on their career, they must also be equipped and engaged in serving as the CEO of You, Inc.


Private Investment and Evaluation guides individuals through the decision process when they are approached with investment opportunities. We conduct an in-depth analysis which includes a thorough due diligence process. Once we have evaluated the vital elements of the investment opportunity, we then educate the individual on our findings to enable them to make a more informed investment decision.

In addition, we provide guidance to actively monitor, assess and evaluate the performance of their private investment.

What We Do Not Do

We do not compete with or replace any member of your advisory team. We are an independent party that provides you an unbiased assessment and educates you on a variety of financial matters.

We do not compete with or replace your financial advisor, business manager, accountant, agent, publicist, or marketing representative.
We do not sell or offer financial products or investments, legal services, accounting services, contract negotiations, or endorsement deal representation.
We do not have a list of preferred individuals that offer the above services, nor do we make proactive referrals to those that offer the above services.
We do not receive any referral fees.

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